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About HUMITRAP PREMIUM QUALITY and the company


Humitrap Container Desiccant was manufactured since 2008 in Solo, Indonesia and today has become an important player in humidity absorption product. Our products are environmental friendly, highly tested and certified by SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance), the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Since 2016, we have produced a premium quality product which we can say as the best available in the world. Having through a series of tests, Humitrap Premium Quality is composed with advanced formulas which guarantee its highest absorption capacity. It will eliminate moisture damage during the shipment and give no negative effects to the transported goods.

Modern desiccant with perfect package, non-woven membrane outer lining and HUMICELL technology, assuring your shipment moisture free. Humitrap Premium Quality binds all water molecules and prevent them from giving harm to your shipment.

We always put environment in our highest priority, and Humitrap is no exception. Humitrap contains non-toxic components, is packed safely and releases no harm to the environment. Humitrap has also gained certification from international Testing & Certification Company such as SGS, TUV Rheinland, BV, Intertek, etc. With those Certification Humitrap fits almost all major industries and meets all major global market requirements especially in EU and USA.

Our Motto "QUALITY IS OUR PRIORITY" completing your satisfaction.


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